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Double Taped Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions in Ottawa | In Ottawa, extensions are in such high demand! We offer Double Taped Hair Extensions which are 100% human hair. These extensions can last  anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on your care regimen at home. Double taped extensions are easy to maintain and are reusable depending on how well they are taken care of. These particular hair extensions are the only ones in the market that will definitely feel and fall like your own hair. These particular hair extensions will give you more body, more hair, and a fuller, more voluptuous look. This particular technique will give you up to 22 inches of length and various different colours. Salon Rouge is the place to go, to achieve the desired length, volume and thickness you want. Come to our salon for your hair extension needs. Get your Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, or Jessica Simpson look at Salon Rouge Hair Salon!

All Extension Pricing are based on Consultation, starting at $600

*To ensure the quality of the services provided, for those guests who are particular with their hair, both a phone as well as in-person consultation are a MUST prior to scheduling an appointment.*

**Please note that all prices listed are a base price. Prices can vary depending on many factors including hair length, texture, level of Stylist, and/or creative process. Pricing is subject to change without notice**

*For more information please contact us*